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My Favorite Equipment for going Facebook Live!

So, you are ready to go Facebook Live (or just ready to go to the next level)! Maybe you’ve already done a few but noticed the lighting is always different, it’s hard to hold the camera (aka your phone) steady or your sound cuts in and out. Did you head over to Amazon yet and […]

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How to have Facebook working for and with you vs. against you!

It’s time to have FB work for and with you vs. against you! Sounds perfect, right? I get so many messages from people asking, “what am I doing wrong on FB?” Let’s chat about a few things that will immediately change your results from Zero to Hero in no time at all! It seems everyone […]

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Take control of your nutrition this week with these 6 simple meal planning tips

How many times have you made a pledge for healthy eating, only to break it a few days later? My guess is, quite a few times. I know this from my own experience. I took me hundreds of tries and several binge eating moments to finally realize that the problem was not my lack of will but rather […]

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Fit Feature from Healthy & Fit Magazine!

Article feature from March 2017 Healthy & Fit Magazine Natasha Roberson, 34, of Holt, spends her days keeping up with her two young boys, as well as running several health-related businesses. Balance in a healthy lifestyle, she says, is all about scheduling. “Balancing business and being a mom is not easy at all,” she said. […]

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7 Steps to Meal Planning with Kids

Many moms, including stay-at-home moms, feel we aren’t spending much time with our children. Daily chores take up most of the chunk of our time and the rest is spent trying to solve problems and fights. As a healthy entrepreneur coach, I believe that a good way to spend time with kids is to involve […]

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