How to Develop Leaders in 8 Simple Steps!

In a time where a new product enters the supermarket and new industries are sprouting up, we need people who can lead organizations by providing a creative edge. We need risk-takers, people who have confidence, people with charisma and confidence. In short, we need...

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5 Tips on Organizing Your Home and Business

So you have started your business at home, at last. Take a moment and congratulate yourself. Give yourself a treat. Take a day off. Because what’s to come may set you back. You may even think if this was the right time? But if you have been dreaming about it for some...

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7 Signs you are ready to start your own business!

Ready to pull the safety blanket and make the big leap to test your awesome business idea? Become your own boss? I’d say go for it! Of course, there is never a good time and there’s always this one reason. But you’ll know when it’s time. And if you still aren’t sure,...

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Is Your Salad Healthy?

Eating healthy has become almost synonymous with eating salads. When most people start a diet, they start consuming more salads. What they don’t know is that salads often contain more calories than fried chicken. Even though salad is still the better choice since it...

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4 Surefire ways to start your day for success

Woke up grumpy? Not getting the positive vibe about life for some time? What I’ve learned is that success is all about a positive outlook towards life. From the morning till closing your eyes at night. But, when you start your day with a foul mood, it affects not just...

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