How do you balance success and life?

Starting a business or working a job comes with a lot of pressure. This is especially true when you’re a parent. You probably wonder if it’s ever possible to balance success and life. I have seen many of my friends quit their jobs, even their business, because they...

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Why You Should Be Making that Follow-up Call

You just banked a great deal and you feel on top of the world. You feel like celebrating. But before you go out to celebrate, sit back down and make that follow-up call. In business class, we have been told again and again about the importance of following up on your...

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Can you be a business owner and a parent?

It’s difficult being a parent and a business owner, right? Wrong. You’d be happily surprised to hear that a survey conducted by Yell Business revealed that 79% of parents believe that their business is very successful as compared to 67% of non-parents.  This can be...

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