Can you be a business owner and a parent?

It’s difficult being a parent and a business owner, right? Wrong. You’d be happily surprised to hear that a survey conducted by Yell Business revealed that 79% of parents believe that their business is very successful as compared to 67% of non-parents.  This can be explained through a number of differences between both parents and non-parents: Parents […]

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How to successfully go LIVE on Social Media and grow your following

Facebook Live button has quickly become THE most favorite communication channel for small businesses and entrepreneurs, both. Going live on Facebook means talking to your tribe live on Facebook, answering their questions, dealing with their problems and mostly acknowledging their love. If you haven’t already, go LIVE on Social media. Here’s why: It’s the best […]

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Are you eating the right food: Low Sugar Food Options

Avoiding sugar can take quite a toll on your diet plan. It’s just not the craving for sugar but also the discovery that your favorite salad dressing has more than the recommended daily sugar intake. Research suggests that sugar contributes to many health problems including obesity and diabetes.  Giving away sugar is much easier said […]

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