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7 Signs you are ready to start your own business!

Ready to pull the safety blanket and make the big leap to test your awesome business idea? Become your own boss? I’d say go for it! Of course, there is never a good time and there’s always this one reason. But you’ll know when it’s time. And if you still aren’t sure, let me tell […]

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Why You Should Be Making that Follow-up Call

You just banked a great deal and you feel on top of the world. You feel like celebrating. But before you go out to celebrate, sit back down and make that follow-up call. In business class, we have been told again and again about the importance of following up on your customers. But for those […]

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Can you be a business owner and a parent?

It’s difficult being a parent and a business owner, right? Wrong. You’d be happily surprised to hear that a survey conducted by Yell Business revealed that 79% of parents believe that their business is very successful as compared to 67% of non-parents.  This can be explained through a number of differences between both parents and non-parents: Parents […]

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