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7 Steps to Meal Planning with Kids

Many moms, including stay-at-home moms, feel we aren’t spending much time with our children. Daily chores take up most of the chunk of our time and the rest is spent trying to solve problems and fights. As a healthy entrepreneur coach, I believe that a good way to spend time with kids is to involve […]

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5 Lessons I learned about how to work out WITH my kids!

During the first few months of becoming a mother, I seriously neglected my body. My entire self, for that matter. I liked to tell myself (and anyone who would listen) that I didn’t have any time for myself. The baby took all my time. Feeding her, bathing her, putting her to sleep and just playing […]

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Can you be a business owner and a parent?

It’s difficult being a parent and a business owner, right? Wrong. You’d be happily surprised to hear that a survey conducted by Yell Business revealed that 79% of parents believe that their business is very successful as compared to 67% of non-parents.  This can be explained through a number of differences between both parents and non-parents: Parents […]

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