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5 Lessons I learned about how to work out WITH my kids!

During the first few months of becoming a mother, I seriously neglected my body. My entire self, for that matter. I liked to tell myself (and anyone who would listen) that I didn’t have any time for myself. The baby took all my time. Feeding her, bathing her, putting her to sleep and just playing […]

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How to involve your children in your goals and dreams

My Kids are the most vital part of my life. So, when I started by business, I felt that guilt monster following me everywhere and into my most busiest moments. I went back to the same question all the time, ‘Am I ignoring my child to pursue my goals and dreams?’ After much deep searching, […]

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Can you be a business owner and a parent?

It’s difficult being a parent and a business owner, right? Wrong. You’d be happily surprised to hear that a survey conducted by Yell Business revealed that 79% of parents believe that their business is very successful as compared to 67% of non-parents.  This can be explained through a number of differences between both parents and non-parents: Parents […]

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