Have you ever found a product and a company that you’re so passionate about that you think “I cannot wait to share this with my friends, they all need and are going to love this!” … and then you do share it with them but you don’t get the reaction you expected or they’re turned off by the fact that it’s a network marketing company?

So you’re left thinking What the heck? Why are my friends so scared of network marketing?” 

I’ve had this question come up so many times! Today I’m gonna share with you some of the most common responses people give to a network marketing product or opportunity and what you can do when you’re faced with this problem. 

Have you heard any of the following from your friends and or prospects?

“It’s a pyramid scheme!” –Classic! But how you respond is crucial.

“My friends tried network marketing but weren’t successful, they didn’t make any money at it.”

“I don’t want to be one of those spammy people posting all over social media.”

“I had a bad experience, I couldn’t get out of an auto-ship.”

“What will people think if I did network marketing?”

These are all such common responses and yet so many of us aren’t prepared to handle these situations when they arise! 

Before you write them off completely… listen to my tips in this quick video of how I deal with these situations in my day to day business.

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