20 Topics to Rock Your Facebook LIVE!

The #1 reason I see which holds people back from Facebook LIVE is finding a topic to talk about. While the options are limitless there are certain ones which can grab the attention of others and get them talking. Below you’ll find 2o topics to get you started – what would you add to this list?

1. Share a childhood memory

2. What did you want to be as a child?

3. How did you meet your spouse?

4. Something you are passionate about

5. Review a service or prouduct

6. Interview a someone you respect

7. A lesson you’ve learned 

8. A story of rejection and overcoming it

9. What bring you joy & happiness

10. What is your job/career/business?

11. A tip about success

12. What is your why?

13. Who inspires you and why?

14. Your vision board

15. Your Top 5 ________

16. You best DIY (Do It Yourself)

17. Something you need help with

18. A favorite book and how it helped you

19. A product you love

20. Ways to give back to your community

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