4 Surefire ways to start your day for success

Woke up grumpy? Not getting the positive vibe about life for some time? What I’ve learned is that success is all about a positive outlook towards life. From the morning till closing your eyes at night. But, when you start your day with a foul mood, it affects not just your mood but also your life, your success and even your friends, family and co-workers (who get the blunt edge of your temper). My good advice is to prep your day for success with my four top tips:

Gratitude Journal 

Just from the top of your mind, what makes you grateful for your life? It could be your friends, your husband, your career or even a recent transformation. Or it could be the small this in your life: the smile on your kid’s face when he sees you, a good hair day, or a good word from your client. In our demanding and often hectic lives, we don’t appreciate all the good things. And it gets easier to get really frustrated with a flat tire, a whiny toddler or even the small nuisances. When this happens, buy a journal and boldly mark it THE GRATITUDE JOURNAL.

Make a habit of writing at least three things you are grateful of  in the journal at the end of the day. When you get up in the morning, don’t reach for your cell phone. Reach for the journal. Read what you wrote last night. It would be sure to bring a smile on your face for the rest of your day. Remember, a happy mood is a successful mood.

Set your schedule for day 

Most of the time we pack so much in your daily schedules, we end up getting discouraged. We don’t know where to start, what to do first. The result is feeling overwhelmed with life. The answer here is writing your schedule at the start of your day. When I forget to write my schedule, I notice things get done really slow. I forget a quarter of my to-do list. And at the end of the day, I don’t get the satisfaction of looking back at my list and crossing out all the items I finished.

Setting a schedule will help you be the boss of your work. Write your schedule on a planner or any piece of paper. Decide on the order of your to-do list. Allocate time if you can. Get about doing them. Remember to cross them out when you finish each time. That will really fuel you towards your next task.

Get up on the right side of the bed

…Or rather the left. Research proves that people who get out of the left side of the bed have a much better frame of mind when compared to those who chose the right side. They are more satisfied with their jobs, have more friends and are more optimistic towards life in general.

Watch a motivational YouTube video

Don’t phase out here. Watching motivational videos offers a couple of benefits. Many psychologists recommend motivational YouTube videos, especially for people going through depression. These motivational videos prompt the viewer to look out for their bright future and let go of their past. Their happy, positive vibe rubs off on you and you will feel a buzz of energy in you. Do Try.

Start your day for success, subscribe to Healthy Entrepreneur Coach, Natasha Roberson’s YouTube channel for a dose of motivation.

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