5 Lessons I learned about how to work out WITH my kids!

During the first few months of becoming a mother, I seriously neglected my body. My entire self, for that matter. I liked to tell myself (and anyone who would listen) that I didn’t have any time for myself. The baby took all my time. Feeding her, bathing her, putting her to sleep and just playing with her exhausted all my energy. I always found excuses for my lack of fitness.

But then I saw a Youtube video of a mom working out with her nine-month-old. With the baby sleeping snuggly in an Ergo baby carrier. She was not only exercising but she was exercising with her baby. She opened up a whole new world for me. I knew that this was the time. If she couldn’t serve as my ultimate inspiration, then no one would.

I started working out and within a year, I felt the transformation; physically, mentally and even spiritually. I also learned that workout with kids doesn’t have to be an obstacle. They could be your biggest aide. Here are some take-home lessons that I would love to share with moms wanting to take the same step:

1. Find your inspiration

Stumbling upon Jennifer Gelman was the cornerstone to my journey towards a fit family. This Californian mom of four didn’t let her children stop her from being fit. Go check her Insta profile. She does moms proud.Having an inspiration motivates you. Find one that resonates with your lifestyle and is probably someone you already know. It could be someone from your friend circle, probably another mom with a success story.

2. Have a Daily Schedule

If you don’t already have a daily schedule, make it. Maintaining a journal does wonder to your mindset. And while you are making your daily schedule, scrape out time for a daily workout. Don’t make excuses. Replace the 10 minutes of browsing through Facebook newsfeed on Facebook with a yoga workout with kids. Choose a time when both you and your kids are active. This could be in the mornings or the evenings.

3. Choose your favorite form of exercise

A workout doesn’t have to be just squats, push-ups or planks. It will only take two minutes for my son to get bored. Turn up the music and invent your own dance class. Take out your bikes and go on a race. Hit the playground. Let them play as you put those swings and monkey bars to some strenuous use. Choose an exercise that bests suits your children’s ages and one that they will also love. If your kids will love it, chances are they won’t let you slack off after the initial charm wears off.

4. Enroll in a class

Many health clubs are now offering mama and baby workout classes. Find out if there is one near your place and enroll yourself. When you invest money and effort, you will take your workout goals more seriously. You will also get a chance to interact with other moms and even form a support group.

5. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

It’s easy to get discouraged when after a week, the scales stubbornly refused to move down. Often the first thing to get sacrificed, in our unending chores, is the workout. Because it really wasn’t working anyways. It will. If you give it some time. For some people, it even takes years. They key is not to lose hope and put on those gym clothes; even when you had a spell of binge eating after having a difficult day. 

What are some of your favorite ways to involve your kids in exercise? I’d love to hear your ideas – let’s connect and share!

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