5 Tips on Organizing Your Home and Business

So you have started your business at home, at last. Take a moment and congratulate yourself. Give yourself a treat. Take a day off. Because what’s to come may set you back. You may even think if this was the right time? But if you have been dreaming about it for some time, now is the time to get that dream. It all starts with organizing your home business for success. Take control of your success by using my tips of organizing your home and business.

1. Create an office

You need a place that you can call your office, even if it’s a small desk in your bedroom. Mark that space as your office. Place your business folders, laptop and everything business related in your office. Working in your office will give you the feel that you actually working. You won’t take your home job for granted.

Natasha Robertson Tip: Decorate your office. Give it the respect it deserves. Put a pot or place some picture frames in your office.

2. Clear out the Junk

If you can to start with an organized home and business, clear out the junk. Clean out your inbox. Unsubscribe to groups or companies you no longer read or just skim over. For the rest of the emails, categorize them into labels to find them later easily.

Clean your house. Take out stuff that you don’t need. The dress you haven’t worn for six months and it doesn’t even fit you anymore. Allocate a drawer or a box to put away all the stuff you don’t need anymore. When the drawer fills up, sort it out and get rid of it. Give it to charity. Sell it or may even recycle it.

3. Color-coded filing system

There are just too many papers in our lives, despite everything becoming digital. If you don’t want to waste time finding the latest receipt for your electricity bill, file everything. All the bills and the receipts (only the important ones). You’ll be thanking me later for that even you save tens of hours finding your son’s swimming class receipt. When I say filing, I don’t mean stuffing them in the first paper bag you find. Get some files. Color code them: Red for business, blue for bills, orange for insurance, yellow for the mortgage.

4. Get a Journal

The first thing to do after getting breakfast is planning the entire day. Use a journal or a planner to list down the tasks you need to finish each day. Allocate time for each task. If you don’t know where to start on this one, read my post on how to How to Journal Each Day for your Mindset and Success

5. Divide your Time

Now that you have started your business, there is a good chance that your home life will be affected. When I first started, I forgot to go grocery shopping. My business took up a lot of my time. After a week of forgetting house chores and several disappointed stares by my family, I found out one of the best tips of organizing home and business was to divide my time properly.

Even though I had cleared myself the label of a 9 to 5 job, I found that I needed to set a specific time for my business. It started with two hours in the morning each day and now I find that I can squeeze out 4-5 hours each day. And don’t forget to take out time for yourself. That’s crucial to stop burning out at the end of the month.

Remember, the more efficient you are, the more productive you’ll become.

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