5 Ways to Journal for a Successful Mindset and Master your Calendar!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your daily schedule? Do you think 24 hours aren’t enough to complete all your tasks? When I first started out with my business, I was feeling something similar. I wondered whether it was the right time to establish my business and there were times when I just wanted to stop and rest. But that changed.

It changed when I started maintaining a journal to keep track of my life, its challenges and achievement. And trust me, it was a game changer. Many of you must be thinking about their past journaling failure and not feel the same vibe. If done the right way, experts claim many benefits of keeping a journal. Here is my tested guide on how to master your calendar through journaling.

1. Why Journal Each Day for your Mindset and Success

This is one question you should ask yourself before you start. The reason to start your journal. Do you want to write your random notes/thoughts? Control over your home tasks? Balance time between your business and personal life? Journal about your health and wellness goals? It could be one of these goals or even all of them. The tasks should be a mix of the tasks you have to do every day and tasks that you want to do.

2. Write all your Non-Negotiables

Keeping a journal is not just about recording what you did but also what you want to achieve. To successfully journal each day for your mindset and success, you need to decide the important things in your life: your job, your children, your home tasks, workout, prayer time, self-development time, and even relaxation time. Write all these down. Then decide on how much time you should be giving these activities each day. Once you have that, take out your calendar and allot them time slots in your calendar. Right there, you have your basic daily timetable. Well done.3. Take out time for Personal Business Growth

Now that you have worked out your non-negotiables, decide how much time you are going to invest in growing your business. Personally, I do two 90-minutes Jam sessions every day. Jam sessions are informal business consulting sessions designed to develop actionable plans and devise ways to achieve them. Jam sessions help you achieve success but giving you control of your goals and achievements. Interested? Let’s jam together!

4. Team Support Time

Are you running your business with a team? If yes, then you need to schedule a time to coach, plan and regroup to set the right goals for the business. Schedule validation calls where you discuss whether the business is on track and what needs to be done in the next few days. Give them your full attention. Your team should also know how to contact you in the case of an emergency but try to limit scheduling to just one session a day to avoid team support from draining all your time.

5. Take a look back

Once you have neatly placed all your tasks in time slots and have them organized, look how much time you have left! It’s unbelievable and it’s true. And when you really stick to it, you’ll feel liberated and empowered.

Tip from the pros: Don’t spend all that time on Social Media. Invest in your children, spouse, family and friends. Trust me, it’s more fulfilling that way. 

Now, go take out your calendar. Start from the top of my guide on how to master your calendar. Work your way down to achieve a powerful mindset for success. Remember, the key to winning is to feel like a winner.

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