6 Power Tips on managing your business on Vacation without going crazy

My old boss just took a two months vacation to Hawaii last month. Yes, you read it right. Two months! And if you may know, he came back a younger version of himself. While his business is quite stable and he does have a number of trusted employees on his roll, taking a short vacation from your business isn’t the end-of-the-world crisis that you imagine it would be. Someone will pick up the calls. Paperwork would be filed. Work will be done. Unless Immortan Joe takes over, your business can survive a short vacation if you plan it right. Here are my tips, as a healthy entrepreneur coach, on managing your business on a vacation:

Plan Ahead

You’re not 19 now. You just can’t pack up your bags and head to Bali when the mood strikes. Plan your trip at least three months in advance. Select your proxy. Train him. Discuss your plan with your employees. Reassure your customers and team members and introduce them to your uplines. Most importantly, prepare yourself to take a break. Imagine the vintage Paris cafes, the beaches of Thailand, or the colors of Mexico.  Planning ahead allows you more free time while on vacation!

Choose the right time

Take a vacation when your business generally hits a slow period or you have access to fully work a little each day. That way your customers and team members wouldn’t be calling you every two hours with an emergency.  A time when it’s okay for them to party after the boss leaves. A time when your customers/team members won’t be breathing fire down your neck, if you miss a deadline. The automation aspect of technology is great for this also.  You can already have created emails, messages and more to go to individuals while you are on vacation and then you feel good knowing all is great in the business and everyone is being taken care of completely!

Choose a proxy

Find someone who can represent you while you’re out. Choose someone who can think on their feet and can handle your team.  This could be your leadership or a few leaders on your team.    Build a positive rapport with them and edify them to your team.  Don’t forget to communicate with your clients/customers that you will be back in business in a few weeks and that they can contact you if needed by using your email address.  This allows you to be in control of when you check things and respond.

Stay in the loop

Don’t just cut off engagement and staying in the loop with your business and team.   Schedule meetings on alternate days to find out what’s happening. Give them a number in case of an emergency. Don’t be afraid of using technology!.  Schedule meetings on Zoom or Conference Calls. Send a mental thank you to all the technology gods who made your vacation possible.

Set your limits

This would probably the hardest. If this is your first vacation after starting your business, you may find it difficult to get into the vacation mode. Team Members may come to haunt you. You could drive your mind crazy. The best solution is to school yourself and stop over thinking. Resist the urge to check your phone every 3 mins…TAKE A BREAK. Turn off the business cell phone for set hours each day while you relax (You deserve this). Set a specific time for calls, if you absolutely have to. Tell your Team Members how to reach you when needed via email.


Look out the window and appreciate the view. You’re probably going to miss this vacation for the next two years. So it’s best to make the most of it.  Book a spa. Get your running shoes on and go for a walk. Have fun!

And when you come back from your vacations, do tell me if these tips worked. If you found your own secret tips, I would love to know. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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