9 Insider Tips on Managing a team of Driven Entrepreneurs

If you are managing a team of driven entrepreneurs, we sympathize with you. Entrepreneurs, rightly so, believe that they are the boss of themselves. There is a 99% probability that they became entrepreneurs just for this reason. How do I know this? I am an entrepreneur myself. And I will admit it, it’s not easy managing a team of driven entrepreneurs. But if you have committed to doing it, then you’re probably on the right track. Let me offer some advice I’ve learned along the way while building a multi million dollar producing business working side by side with entrepreneurs just like you:

1. Connect with them personally

Get to know them well. What made them start their business? Ask them about the objective of starting the business. Was it to achieve success, to make a profit, to help others or simply to create a brand. This is the start towards building a foundation of trust and respect. Also, when you know their story well, it’ll be more fun to manage them.

2. Do NOT micromanage

Don’t be like the pesky husband who texts his wife every five seconds. You know how annoying that is. So, do not do it. Trust the entrepreneur. She came this far means she can manage quite well. You need to let him learn his lessons. Your task is to provide support, training, and guidance. Support them by providing them with the right tools and tactics. Train them where you think they are lacking. Guide them when they ask for your help.  

3. Use technology to your advantage

You cannot avoid technology. Even my grandmother swears by the benefits of technology these days. Make apps your best friend. If you haven’t done it already, download and Install Skype, Asana, Evernote, Dropbox.  I use apps to keep myself organized and communicate with my team effectively. 

4. Appreciate their resilience

Okay, so entrepreneurs can sometimes be very pigheaded. No one said it would be easy managing a team of driven entrepreneurs. But it’s their resilience that brought them to this point. If they hadn’t believed in their ideals and capabilities, they won’t be with you. They would probably be living the 9-5 life, stressed out and dreaming of starting their own business at 50. So, appreciate it and use that resilience to push them to their best potential.

5. Learn to be Influential 

I’ll be honest with you. Managing a team of driven entrepreneurs may be the most difficult job you have ever encountered. While you should appreciate their resilience, don’t back down at the first chance of a fight. Learn to influence them, even if you have to fight it out. Give them facts, give the logic and make them believe that you are with them not against them. 

6. Set Objectives

Your first question should be, ‘Why does this company/team need help managing a team of driven entrepreneur?’ This will help set your primary objectives. Based on these objectives, you should then map out the secondary objectives. Discuss these objectives together. Develop a plan for achieving these objectives in the SMART way.

7. Agree to Disagree

As they say, ‘You can’t keep everyone happy. You’re not a jar of Nutella’. You won’t agree on everything. This is especially true in business. They are more disagreements than agreements. Starting a business is like carrying the extra baggage of risk. And with risk goes uncertainty.  I have always realized each time I thought I had a better way…the leaders leading the way had it figured out already.  Just follow their success! 

8. Provide Feedback

One area where most leaders fail to live up to the mark is providing feedback efficiently. When we think of feedback, we often think on how to improve.  Yes, feedback is meant for improvement. But that doesn’t mean to focus on that area of improvement only. Focus on areas where the entrepreneurs are doing great. Point that out as well. So that they keep doing the good. Then, focus on where they are lacking. This helps build a positive culture. Do coaching sessions and ask questions to get the struggles they are having out on the table and discuss all this in depth.

9. Provide Proper Training

Once you have analyzed and discussed the good and the bad, get the entrepreneurs to commit to improving. Arrange training sessions and tools where they can improve their weaknesses. 

I’d love to share more or even show you how to join our team of driven entrepreneurs, send me a message today!

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  1. Entrepreneurs tend to be independent by nature, which is why figuring out creative ways to get them to work together are essential. Everything from a lack of micromanagement to useful feedback, which you detailed here, will go a long way in making the team function effectively.

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