My Favorite Equipment for going Facebook Live!

So, you are ready to go Facebook Live (or just ready to go to the next level)!

Maybe you’ve already done a few but noticed the lighting is always different, it’s hard to hold the camera (aka your phone) steady or your sound cuts in and out.

Did you head over to Amazon yet and get super overwhelmed with the MILLIONS of options? I know I did and I spent a TON of hard earned money to find what works the best for me – but you don’t have to!

First, what’s your intention with Facebook Lives (or any video marketing like YouTube, Instagram or Blogging)? Just for fun? Promote a product? Sell a service? Recruit new business partners? Build a makeup tutorial empire?

It’s important to know your goal as this will be important when deciding which equipment to purchase. So let’s say for the purpose of this article: you are an entrepreneur with a home based business looking to share your products and opportunity with others. Sound good?

Ok, now I’m going to give you my top 3 favorite pieces of equipment to get started with Facebook Live videos for less than $50. Plus if you want to “go pro” I’ll share what I use now which is a more “professional” set up. The important thing is to not invest above what you need until it’s time!

1. Lighting is NECESSARY!

I used to wonder why everyone looked so great on camera – did they really “get ready” for their Facebook Lives? Spending hours on makeup and hair? Nope, it’s the magic of good lighting! It’s really amazing the difference a great ring light can make (especially on days when the kids are running wild and I don’t have 30 seconds to even look in the mirror before going Facebook Live).

The question is: which one do I buy? This is where budget comes in. I always recommend starting low even if you have the funds because some of those pricey ones are overkill and just not needed. Trust me, I tried a TON and watched a lot of money go poof until I found this little beauty: The Rovtop Ring Light Stand.

Why do I choose this one over so many other options?

3 Reasons I love the Rovtop:

A. Cheap (less than $20): I can replace at anytime if I drop it, kids use it as a pool toy or the dog decides to bury it in the backyard.

B. Versatile: I can put it anywhere – in the kitchen, on my chair while I watch the kids play or at my desk with a simple clip to my table.

C. Options: I can change the intensity of light or filter easily depending on time of day or location I’m filming.

Grab your ring light:  The Rovtop Ring Light Stand.

2. Sound Quality is key!

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Mic/Controller RP-TCM125-K (Black)Have you been watching someone’s Facebook Live and all of the sudden you hear……………nothing? It’s awkward, right? While having great lighting is important if no one can hear what is being shared then what you look like doesn’t even matter!

Again, I’ve tried SOOOOO many options – wired, bluetooth, wrap around, etc. There are like 23,000,000 choices for ear buds and microphones out there!

My favorite because is the Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds.

For under $10 you can’t beat the price. They are super comfortable, won’t pop out during your broadcast and the microphone quality is excellent.

With over 54,000 reviews and a 4 star rating these are a great option for anyone looking for a great product at a super low price.  Of course there are ones that are more expensive, have wireless function and even better sound quality but it all comes down to your budget and objective.

Grab your buds here: Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds.

3. Stability is a must!

What if you are outside with no tables or waiting in the car for your kids to get out of school – that clip won’t work too well! It’s best to have something super portable and adjustable that you can whip out for a quick Facebook Live anywhere you are.

Imagine hiking and you want to share some thoughts but don’t want to hold your phone – what if you could attach it to a tree or branch? That’s what I found with UBeesize Portable Camera Stand Holder!

It can attach easily to any surface like a steering wheel (don’t Live and Drive), branch or pool side chair.

You always want to have options and never be somewhere without the ability to go Live. Now, do you want to document your entire life via Facebook Live video, no, probably not. Remember to enjoy yourself too!

Grab your stand: UBeesize Portable Camera Stand Holder

Now that you’ve seen what I’d recommend to any Facebook Live Star in the making to get started what about if you have a little bigger budget and ready to make an investment into your new venture?

Well there are, once again, a TON of options and everyone has an opinion about which is the best. When I was looking for something I wanted it to be easy to use, affordable (if I or the kids knocked it over I didn’t want to break into tears) and durable.

After doing a bunch of research and trying out a few I came across the Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit. For $99 you get an 18″ LED Ring Light, Light Stand, White and Orange Color Filter Set, Tripod Head Hot Shoe Adapter, Bluetooth Receiver, Universal Adapter with US/EU Plug+ and a Smart Phone Holder. Really everything you’ll want to create a professional looking video on any platform!


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