The Facebook LIVE Guide


1. Prepare & Plan

  • Gather your Tools (click here for my favorites)
  • Select your Topic (click here for 20 ideas)
  • Write out Bullet Points & Questions you’ll ask to create engagement during your FB LIVE
  • checkDecide BEFORE going Facebook LIVE if you will be holding your phone horizontal or vertical – you CAN NOT change this once you start!
  • checkJoin Impacting On Purpose to access our support community and some of the videos below: CLICK HERE!

2. Promote

  • Write an engaging title to your Facebook LIVE – would you watch it? 
  • Pick a time to broadcast your Facebook LIVE 
  • Notify your network (post, email, text, etc.) when your Facebook LIVE will be (I find it best 24 hours before and then 15 mins prior). 
  • checkShow up on time and GO LIVE!

3. Go LIVE!

  • Welcome everyone – ask for engagement right away and don’t wait for people to hop on!
  • Share a BRIEF outline of what you’ll be chatting about today
  • Get Started right away and deliver your content!
  • checkAsk for feedback but don’t wait for answers – talk to the ones who will watch later!
  • checkHave a Call To Action: download, share video, tag a friend, send me a message, etc.
  • check Give a BRIEF recap of what you covered for those who joined later 
  • check CLOSE your video with a Thank You and ask them to click “get notifications” after it ends so they can tune in again next time!

4. Follow Up!

  • This is the ENTIRE reason we do Facebook LIVE!
  • Comment back a Thank You to everyone who engaged!
  • Provide the Call to Action if you had one (download, link, video, etc.)
  • checkAsk for feedback – what did you like about the Live, what could I do better?
  • checkBuild a relationship first! Get to know them and share your passions with them through conversations instead of providing offers to order or join!

5. Repurpose your FB Live!

  • Share the link via an email to your subscribers 
  • Download and post it to YouTube
  • Take quotes or tips from your FB LIVE and make a graphic (I use www.canva.com)
  • checkTurn the content into a blog post that you can share later 
  • checkMake it into a Call to Action for your next FB LIVE!

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