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How to have Facebook working for and with you vs. against you!

It’s time to have FB work for and with you vs. against you! Sounds perfect, right?

I get so many messages from people asking, “what am I doing wrong on FB?”

Let’s chat about a few things that will immediately change your results from Zero to Hero in no time at all!

It seems everyone is using Facebook as a source of for marketing their business these days. For me, I would say Facebook is a good 60 percent of my marketing strategies because I utilize Messenger for many aspects of business – approaching potential customers, following up with prospects and staying in touch with my team. One thing I’ve learned is Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm (fancy way of saying what you did last month to get results, doesn’t work now).

I’d like to share with you a way to increase your reach by getting Facebook to work for you and with you vs. against you. There’s a few strategies that I personally use on a daily basis because there is always someone looking for EXACTLY what I can offer or help them achieve.

With Facebook you can never run out of people to talk to – if you know how to leverage your content correctly. It’s easier for Facebook to work against us so we need to know the rules!

First, have you seen those copy and paste posts that some people do? Well guess what, Facebook marks that as spam and drives your reach down AUTOMATICALLY!  If you’re in a network marketing company you’ll hear “the best copycat wins” and I’m not going to disagree with that. If something is working you’ll want to copy their success. What I’m suggesting is not copying a post word for word because the way they talk to their friends is different than the way you talk to your friends – you are different people! Your story is YOU and that’s what’s going to make YOU successful in your business. Being the most valuable and AUTHENTIC YOU as possible is the way to crush it. When you see those posts and say…”That is an amazing post!”

First tip: copy it BUT change it up to be YOU.

Second tip:  save it in your notes section on your phone and use it on another day (change up the words).

Don’t give Facebook the instant ability to say you’re a spammer because you’ve seen it 50 times on Facebook already. Don’t do it. Your followers aren’t going to see that unless they physically go over to your page and see that you posted it (less than 1% will do that). It’s not going to be shared in newsfeeds as much as you think it’s going to. You are probably friends with others in the same business/company so they are already taken! You don’t need to be marketing and targeting people in your business, right?

You want to help somebody that’s not in your business and not already taking your products. That’s who you want to target. So who is your target market? Write it down right now!

Who is the most perfect person for your business? If you were to do a live video who would you be talking to? Would it be a single mom looking for extra income? Would it be someone looking for new tools to use in their kitchen as a cook? Would it be the best chemical free cleaning product? Who is it for you? The more defined you are with that person, the better your post will be and the more Facebook will work FOR YOU not against you.

The next thing I want to share is something a lot of people ask: what time of the day is best to post and go live? Well I’m here to tell you I’ve tested it and I’m here to tell you a fact: there’s no perfect time. There is no perfect time of the day. But what is perfect is that you’re consistently showing up for those that you’re speaking to.

Now is always the perfect time to go live.  You want to deliver value when you have that value to give and your audience can watch when it’s best for them. That’s the best time a day is when the content is ready to be delivered.  The best time is the one that fits THEIR calendar and THEIR schedule.

So no more having a block in why or when or who or how you post because you don’t know when the best time is! I’ve just told you any time is the best time! Speak to those watching later and right now. Don’t try to guess that time – the best time is when it works for you to go Facebook Live. 

Facebook put out a statistic saying in the year of 2018 that there’s going to be 80+ percent of the content you’re going to see in your news feed is going to be live videos. As you do a quick scroll you can see a majority of the posts you’re seeing in your news feed you’re seeing one thing: video. So what does that tell you? The way to impact more people and get your message out is through a Facebook Live. And I know it’s scary. I know you’re sitting there going there’s no way I can just hit that button and do what she does.

facebook live marketing

I want you all to crush it. Any time you do something you’re scared to do there’s something on the other side of it that’s going to be even more prosperous than what you do now. The biggest thing I can tell you is do not ever give up on doing your live videos. You may do a absolutely horrible job. I’ve done it. I have seriously screwed up so many Facebook lives. But that’s how we grow. I’ve said words I’m not supposed to say. I’ve said things that might not have needed to say. I’ve shared things that y’all don’t care about. I just do it. I just do it. Facebook is not going to kill you.  You may get some haters the naysayers and people who make fun of you but guess what they’re watching. They’re just confused supporters. They want to do what you’re doing but are scared to death they’re going to make you feel little.

When I get a hater (I get it all of the time) I look at that as a thank you because I might need to sharpen my skills. I may need to change something up but most times when I see one of those posts comments or messages I go and it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t fit what I definitely provided. Then I just go…they’re confused supporters. They watch that whole video. They’re supporting me but they’re just confused. 

People want to know who you are what you are about. You know there’s people who don’t think they could be where you are. Let people relate to you. They are a mom or a dad. They are a busy woman. You work and do a side hustle, right? Those are things that people need to see as well. They don’t need to just see your highlight reel. So when you look at your Facebook profile is that a highlight reel or is it reality? Is it everyday life? Is that what inspires you? What keeps you passionate? What what is your purpose? Are you sharing your purpose? Those are things that people want to see, they want to really get to know YOU.

People don’t buy your company or product, they’re buying YOU first. So are you sharing who you are and what you have to bring to the table? Because that’s what’s going to attract them.

People want engagement, people want to be asked questions versus comment below so if you ask a question they’re going comment below. I mean that’s what I would do. So just ask questions and get them commenting and liking things because of a authentic ask vs. a please comment below.

Authentic always wins.

The best way to crush it on Facebook and get Facebook working for you is to do Facebook lives. Start impacting people, like you are meant to do. I want your message to be heard by millions. I want people to know the value you have so you can impact lives! That’s what my purposes. I want to empower people to become who they were meant to be who they’re scared to death to step in to.

I’d love to see how we can impact millions of lives together. Join The Live Tribe which is a community of passionate entrepreneurs creating purpose-driven content so we can connect or contact me directly! 

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