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Article feature from March 2017 Healthy & Fit Magazine

Natasha Roberson, 34, of Holt, spends her days keeping up with her two young boys, as well as running several health-related businesses.

Balance in a healthy lifestyle, she says, is all about scheduling.

“Balancing business and being a mom is not easy at all,” she said. “But it can be done. It has taken me a little bit to find that balance and ask those I look up to, and are inspired by, how they did it. With all the advice I received from those who are successful in this area I was able to create the life my family and I deserve without sacrificing, and missing, the moments you hate to miss as a mom or dad.”

Roberson, who is a certified athletic trainer, a massage therapist and home based business owner, said she makes sure to have priorities throughout the day.

“My days are planned from the time I get up until I get to sleep,” she said.”I put non-negotiable first, like job hours and kids’ activities, workouts and everything else I value, and stick to them. Then you can see where your free time is and you can fill it with things that lift your heart and passion.

“My free time is filled with fun, laughter, and bonding with my boys and husband instead of watching  TV or being on social media time. My drive time is filled with motivational and success self development so I can continue to become a better mom, wife, friend, and entrepreneur.  If you want BIG things in life you must show up to the game of your life in a BIG Way each day.”

She said she has a healthy diet and works out four to five times a week to keep up with her boys. Her workouts are pretty detailed, too. She alternates between full body strength routines, core and cardiovascular exercises.

She mixes in Pure Barre when she can.

“If you want big things in life, you must show up to the game of your life in a big way each day,” she said.

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