How do you balance success and life?

Starting a business or working a job comes with a lot of pressure. This is especially true when you’re a parent. You probably wonder if it’s ever possible to balance success and life. I have seen many of my friends quit their jobs, even their business, because they couldn’t take the pressure.

Five months down the lane, half of them are cursing themselves for quitting. They wish they had been able to balance their success and life. 70% of the Americans feel that it’s difficult to balance success and life. The rest of the 30% know how to achieve that balance:

Track your Time

If you think, you’ve got a lot to do and not even time, then keep a journal. Record how much time you give to each tasks. What tasks eat up most of your time? Why? Try and minimize them. Limit the time wasting tasks. We all have these time wasting activities and you probably can name a few of them from the top of your mind. Swap them for some fruitful tasks

Define your Success

What do you think makes any person successful? Is it a thriving career, a bank balance, raising successful children, number of followers?  Your definition of success could be a mix of these goals. Once you have set your goals, think about how to achieve them. Set meaningful and DETAILED Goals.

Asses Your Life

Do you consider yourself successful? If yes, then why and if no, then they not. Assess your life now. What should you be doing with life? What is stopping you from doing that? If you can, remove that obstacle. And if you can’t, find a way to work around it. Ask yourself, if it’s you or the obstacle that’s stopping you.

Enjoy Your Life Now

Don’t wait for your bank balance to reach a certain figure before taking a vacation. Don’t wait for your kids to grow up before you start enjoying your life. Be grateful of what you have in life. Even if you are stuck in a rut, find joy in the small things in life. Celebrate the small wins. Remember, as Celestine Chua said, Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.

Turn off the Distractions

Multi-tasking is just a fairy tale. Even Cindrella couldn’t manage it. No one can do ten things at the same time.  Assess your life. Find out what distracts you from achieving that goal. Remove or cut those distractions. Switch off the cell phone while working. Make that dreaded call. Handle your distractions before sitting down to work. You’ll get more work done that way.

Embrace Technology

There’s no going around technology these days. Don’t be afraid of embracing technology. A few years ago, I thought technology was wasteful. I spent hours browsing through Facebook newsfeed before realizing the time. But, I’ve learned to manage technology much better. I have installed some productivity apps to help manage my time.

Strong Network

Balanced people know that it’s not possible to do everything on their own. They know it’s okay to depend on others. That’s way they are not afraid to ask for help. And also give it when they time comes. They nourish their relationship with their friends and family. Don’t let your business take you away from your people. Involve your network in your life. Get involved in theirs. It’s always satisfying to help others.

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