How to build relationships on social media to increase your business

Looking for really establishing your business on social media?

Wondering if it’s possible to really make a living on social media?

Well, it is.

Social media is now one of the biggest platforms for entrepreneurs. It’s like a big never-ending rolodex of contacts. A place where you cannot just hand out with your friends, but also find the product or company for your goals.

According to Fortune Magazine, more than half of the 190 million people in the US make their purchases online. Reading this, I believe it’s time for businesses to up their game on social media and really focus on building a relationship on social media.

Be personal

One of the reasons small businesses are thriving so well in social media is that they use it to get to know their client well. They aren’t afraid to do a virtual dance on Facebook when they help their first customer. They share testimonials from their happy customers. People like to do business with people they know.  I personally have seen so many bloggers make a lasting friendship with their clients.

Break that invisible wall between customer and business. Welcome your customers and team members. Share your stories. Laugh over theirs.

Communicate with the Customer

Social media is the best source of communicating with the customer. Talk to your customer. When they ask you a question, answer them. If they want to know more about your product/service, be ready to answer them within a few hours. If they have a complaint, solve it together. You can also use social media to interact with your client. Get to know their wants and needs. Use surveys to help improve your customer service.

Involve your customer and team.

When you post on social media, don’t do it just to be visible. Make from posts involving. Ask your network a question. Don’t be afraid of enlisting their help. Do some polls. Do a mix of posts: polls, questions, fun facts, live videos.

Use live videos strategically

Live videos are becoming every so popular on social media. Everyone is live these days. Many businesses even. Since live videos are relatively new, many businesses still haven’t mastered the art of using live videos. Before going online, ask yourself, ‘Why am I going online?’ Don’t have it about you, make it about your customer. Your live video should add value to your customer’s life. Something that makes him stick to the video.

Introduce and try out a new product. Interview a local celebrity. Play fun games. Or just to a Q&A session for your potential clients.

Do Giveaways

Giveaways are a nice way to increase your likes and follows. This, in turn, improves your reach. If you have a killer new product that you know your customers could really benefit with, offer it as a giveaway. You could be making a life-long customer there. Running a successful giveaway could really help you plant your feet on social media.

Connect with a Relevant Blogger

Many businesses have still not realized how bloggers are changing the marketing world. They don’t know what they are missing. A good trustworthy blogger can really get your brand noticed. When you ask a blogger to try out a product or sponsor a post, you benefit in many ways. Your search engine results increase when these influencers start talking about your company. Also, these bloggers are using considered a source of authority in their field.

When a mommy blogger recommends a new edutainment toy, other mothers go online to check that product. And if they like they product, they buy it. More sales for you! If you haven’t already, get connected and hire a local blogger.

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