How to Develop Leaders in 8 Simple Steps!

In a time where a new product enters the supermarket and new industries are sprouting up, we need people who can lead organizations by providing a creative edge. We need risk-takers, people who have confidence, people with charisma and confidence. In short, we need leaders. And these leaders aren’t just born, they are made. They are trained. Experts suggest that leaders should be selected from a company’s own talent pool and pushed through a program to turn them into leader. Here’s how to develop this program and guide anyone to become the leader they dream of.

1. Create Networking Opportunities

The more they are in the environment of leaders they start to become leaders, it teaches them confidence and charisma. And probably the best way, is to invite and encourage them to attend business events. Take them with you to the next local event. Arrange potlucks and after-work events within the organization. Networking is important not just to forge connections that might be crucial in the future, but also to get your future leaders to approach complete strangers confidently.

2. Mentor for Success

A mentorship program in the office benefits everyone. So many people look up to you as a leader or to the leaders of the organization.  Be there to give the newer entrepreneurs first-hand knowledge and advice to make their start smooth.   All Leaders should be mentoring those that are coming in, if you want to have a strong and confident team. Mentors should sit down with teams often and listen to obstacles and give advice and mentorship to them, motivate them, and most importantly change their mindset.

3. Your Mindset Matters

A leader isn’t like other individuals and at the same time, he is not unlike other people. What is different is a change of mindset. The leader sees the world as an infinite set of possibilities. He’s eager to explore those possibilities. Sometimes the mindset is there, the mentor only has to give the team the chance to explore it further.

4. Consistency is Key

Superman isn’t real. You can just change identities and become Clark Kent when you get home. At least not in this world of social media.  The wrong posts or tweets on social media can get you in a bind. Leaders should understand that they don’t become invisible, social media is OPEN at all times. They are being watched and observed and their social media history may impact their future as a leader.

5. Inspire with Action

Not everyone is leadership material. Leaders are born to inspire. There will be times when employee morale will be low in every organization. A good leader will push towards a positive culture. Before training people to become leaders, find out if they have the personality traits to inspire others in the world. Leaders should be honest, charismatic, confident and positive. A leader is a person who others look up to and want to follow.

6. Empower with Support

You can’t create leaders unless you give them power. There will always be a time when the leader will find himself in unchartered waters. His only option would be to take a risk and go with his intuition. You’ll have to trust that intuition and allow him to take control and spread his wings.

7. Challenge to Grow

Push the envelope and push it far. Give your future leaders tasks that may put them off balance. Don’t be afraid of giving them the power to take control of the challenge. See how their react. How they steer the ship in the right direction.

8. Just Do It Approach

Leaders are unique people who aren’t shaken with disruption. In fact they go out to disrupt the world. Don’t accept things as they are. If you want to be a leader, don’t wait for the world to catch on. Go ahead and do what you got to do.

Remember, every person is not a leader. Leaders set themselves apart right from the beginning. Organizations just need to keep their eyes open for all those individuals taking charge of the situation. Don’t be afraid of their confidence. You would rather train such people to become leaders.

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