How to successfully go LIVE on Social Media and grow your following

Facebook Live button has quickly become THE most favorite communication channel for small businesses and entrepreneurs, both. Going live on Facebook means talking to your tribe live on Facebook, answering their questions, dealing with their problems and mostly acknowledging their love.

If you haven’t already, go LIVE on Social media. Here’s why:

  • It’s the best way to truly interact with your followers. Encourage them to throw questions at you. Laugh with them, cry with them or even sing along.
  • It adds engagement value. When you acknowledge that ‘Love from India’ comment on a live video, you’ll see more of that love on your Facebook comments.
  • You’ll get the best inspiration. The reason you have a blog or a social media following is to help others. Use those questions for your next big traffic post.
  • Right now with Facebook promoting its Live feature, getting life could be your ticket to your first 10k followers.
  • It’s new and it’s shiny. Live streams on Facebook are getting a lot of notice. My best friend says she just can’t skip a live video. She has to know what’s happening in the life of her favorite people.

If you have decided on going live now, hold on just a second. Read on for some amazing Facebook Live tips…

Announce you’re going live

Build a hype. Ask your followers if they would like you to come live with your best-kept secret to success. See the yeses pour in. Announce the time and date in the next post.

Plan your video

Don’t go live just because you feel like it. Even though your viewers may think your live stream is just a spur of the moment decision, it shouldn’t be. Find a reason to go online. It could anything from making your viewers smile to giving them practical advice. Jot down the things you will discuss in your live stream. Create an outline before pushing that go live button.

Don’t stick to your outline

Remember you’re not on Facebook to give a lecture, but to connect with your tribe. Talk to them. Encourage them to talk to you through comments. And acknowledge those comments by names.  It’s the best way to talk with your followers directly and informally.

Killer Wi-Fi connection

You don’t want to disappoint your followers by disturbing your live stream with a bad Wi-Fi connection. Choose a spot where the connection is good.

Pick the Right Time

When are your viewers likely to be on Facebook. Choosing your time wisely will determine the success of your live stream. If you do it in the early hours of the morning, when your followers are sleeping then are you going to miss connecting with them. Use Facebook Insights to find when page’s peak views. That’s the time you should be going live.

Be Honest

Let your true personality shine through. Don’t hide behind an image of what want the viewers to see you as. Be you. I have always stressed the importance of being honest on Facebook. Most viewers have seen so many bloggers and entrepreneurs on Facebook that they can cut through the b*******. They aren’t looking for a celebrity; they are looking for someone like them.

It’s all visual

Don’t go live in your dirty apartment, unless it’s your messy life you are promoting. Give your viewers something beautiful to look at, other than your face. Add a beautiful picture to the frame or dress up a little.

Find the right gear

It may look like most bloggers go live with just their mobiles or their laptops, but that’s not quite true. Ideally, you should use a tripod to steady your camera. You don’t want a lot of shakes to get your viewer’s attention. Use LED lights to make the video brighter, more appealing. Invest in a good mic to improve the audio quality. It’s the things that you don’t really notice that make the biggest difference.

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