How’s a Public Page different from a Fan Page?

One mistake that newbie businesses often make is confusing public page with a fan page.

It Happens. Especially when Facebook comes up with an update every few months.

A public page is basically your profile that you have allowed others to view without any privacy restriction. A Fan page, on the other hand, is a profile that you make for your business or brand.

If you are a business, you communicate in a different manner. As an individual, you respect your privacy but as a business, you want to be out there. Since Facebook is all about communication, fan page and public pages have different features.


A public page can only have one admin. That’s you. Only you decide, what goes on your page.

With a fan page, you can have more than one admin. You can make your social media manager your admin with you. Your business manager can access it. You can even give your business-minded sister the same access.

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to post ads when you register as a business. As an individual with a public page, Facebook feels that you don’t need access to Facebook ads and other boosts. You can boost a post for 6.99 dollars but you don’t get access to the real deal- targeting.

The best thing about Facebook ads is their targeting feature. Who sees your post?

As a business, you want to target a specific customer set- the teens, the mothers or the weight conscious ladies. When you register as a business, you get to enjoy this feature.


One reason some businesses go with a public page is so that they can send unlimited private messages to ‘friends’. That happens when you want to promote your business to the next level- the spam level.

With a fan page, you can only send a private message after you get a message from that person.


With a Facebook page, you can have unlimited friends or followers. But when it comes to public pages, Facebook has restricted the number of friends to 5000. Who needs more than 5000 friends? Unless of course, you are Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Me, I just a few 100s.


As a business, you need insights on your followers. You want to how many people saw your posts, the number of shares, demographics etc.

With a Public page, you don’t have access to all this. But when you get your business a Fan Page, you’ll be seeing a lot of stats to help you target and understand your customers.

So, what you do I need?

I would definitely recommend a Fan Page for your business branding. Here’s why.

Fan Pages are geared for businesses. Facebook has given you Fan Pages on a silver platter to promote your business. Make use of it.

Plus, using a public page to promote your business is a violation of Facebook’s rules and regulations. You won’t be put in Facebook jail for that, but you could lose access to your account permanently. With Facebook constantly improving user experience, it has become easier for other people to report such ‘Business Pages’.

Avoid problems in the future, and switch to a Fan Page. You can even convert your existing Public Page to a Fan Page.

Let’s connect on Facebook so we can support each other!

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