Social Media Branding Tips for You and Your Business

It’s all about brands these days.

You must have heard this statement a lot these days. And you probably have started to believe it.

Well, it is true. Branding is the secret ingredient for business success. It sets you apart from your competitors and lets you connect with your followers.

But most brands fail at branding. 63% of US consumers claim that they have engaged with a disappointing brand relationship.

Why does this happen? It happens because most brands fail to consider these social media branding tips:

Find your voice

The best tip I can give you is to be you. Don’t appear to be someone you’re not. Find your voice. It can be casual or formal. It can be witty or serious. It can be playful or challenging. Your voice should resonate with your brand.

The following chart by Stephanie Schwab can be quite useful when deciding your social media brand voice.

Be Interesting, Be Helpful, Be Entertaining

Why do you want to brand yourself? Is it because you are so interesting that people want to follow you? If your answer is yes, then please stop. It’s not going to work on social media. Your purpose on social media should be to help others. What’s your value to others? Are you entertaining them? Are you providing them useful information? Are you helping them achieve a goal? Give people a reason to follow you and they’ll follow you.

Be controversial

If you like to challenge the world, go out and challenge them on social media. You’ll be likely to gain more followers if you stand for what you believe in. Don’t sugarcoat your personality. Sugarcoating was good when you were an employee. Now you’re the boss. Tell your followers something dangerous. Be controversial. Be the Trump of social media.

Be consistent

Neil Patel, the social media marketing guru, has the same profile picture on all his social media accounts. Consistency speaks of honesty. 60% of Millennials expect consistency when dealing with a brand.  Show the same face everywhere. Even when you write the small introduction in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure you use the same words. Find three or four words that describe you and keep using these same words again and again. You know how they say, ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth’. I’m telling you to lie. Rather the opposite. Tell your followers the truth about yourself and tell it often. If a lie can stick, the truth is much stickier.

Be visual

We are hardwired to respond best to visual stimuli. 20% of our brain is focused on learning through visual cues. You are more likely to stop at an image while browsing through Facebook than to all the status updates. The human brain is like that. Images, with all its colors and shapes, gain more eye footage.  This is why marketers use visual content.  According to Webdam, by 2018, 84% of communications will be visual. Use this in your branding strategy. Even if you just have to say something, pair it up with a relevant visual.

Use the right social media

One mistake that newbies make when approaching social media is to be all over the place. They make profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. And that’s it. They disappear. I have personally seen so many people who have been dead on Twitter for ages. The point of social media is to connect with your fans and your people. If you don’t intend to talk, what’s the point of showing up?

The wise thing to do is to choose two or three social media platforms. Choose those that resonate with your brand. If your brand or business is about food, Instagram is where you want to be seen. Facebook works well for the masses. LinkedIn is suitable for business professionals. Once you choose the right social media, stick to it. If you want to venture on more social media platforms, approach them one at a time. Learn about what works and what doesn’t.

Do you wish to develop a personalized social media branding plan, message me today!

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