My 2 Secrets for Taking Back Your Most Precious Asset: TIME!

My 2 Secrets for taking back your most precious asset (aka TIME) are:

  1. Time Blocking with your Top 3
  2. Become a Responder, not at Reactor

So, what do I mean?

You are probably asking yourself, do I NEED a written calendar?

Well, almost every single successful entrepreneur I know has one, so YES!

When you write something magical happens to you brain as certain synapses need to fire which don’t when everything is done digitally. Trust me, find one that works for you and commit to using it for the next 90 days (one of my favorites is Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner)!

What works for me is keeping my “to do” list super precise (watch the video to find out how) and blocking out 90 minutes of time to accomplish as many or all. Forty five minutes in I’ll break for water, stretch and move – your brain NEEDS to shift to keep going!


One of the BIGGEST shifts I’ve made that’s led to my success is when I became a responder instead of a reactor.

Ding, your phone just went off!

Ping, someone sent a message!

Buzz, your friend has a question!

Take back your time and turn off the distractions so you can live life on YOUR terms! You can accomplish sooooo much if your time becomes so precious it’s sacred and nothing can distract you (watch the video to learn how).

My wish is that this video gives you some insight on how to move closer towards your goals!

I’d love to hear how it helps you: shoot me a message!

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