You have to know your TARGET before you can HIT it!

Are you sick of attracting no one or the wrong people to your product or business? Did you know there is a simple way to change that? Let’s go through defining and creating your perfect customer or business partner together!

Before we jump into this article make sure to download my guide to defining your perfect client, customer or business partner who is ready to join your tribe!

I get asked the question: how do I find my next customer or my next business partner?  You are going to have an influx of people coming in and then you will hit a wall and you’re going to think: I’m doing everything wrong.

I can guarantee you’re not doing everything wrong. You’re in the phase of your business where you are about to have an upswing as long as you stay consistent and start to really hone in and realize who are you talking to.

When I started my business I didn’t know I could define who I was wanting in my business with me as a business partner but also who was in need of the products that I might have been selling. So once I was introduced to this it changed everything.

I’m really so excited to introduce this concept to everyone. So let’s started!

Figuring out exactly who you want to speak to is going to change how you are marketing, how you’re posting and how you’re talking to somebody. It all changes when you know who you’re speaking to.

We’re going to go through the Target Market Worksheet together as each little part is how to really define that person. I’ve done this about eight or nine ten times – each time redefining and getting a little bit deeper into who am I and who am I marketing to.

Who is my perfect customer?

Who is my next perfect business partner?

Part 1: What do they need?

We really need to figure out what your product, service or opportunity is going to do for them. Be thinking about why you started, purchased your product or wanted to build a business – what attracted you to it in the first place?

  1. What is their biggest pain? Knowing their pain is going to help you deliver a solution. So when you’re thinking about your product or service it’s going to be different than your opportunity pain.
  2. What is their biggest fears? Fear for a perfect customer could be that they think this is my life and it’s not going to get any better. They’re defining their life as: no joy, no fun, no time for more fun and no energy to get more done. The fears of your perfect business partner could be: I have no experience as an entrepreneur, I don’t know what I’m doing, I have zero support, I have no one in my life that is doing what I would want to do, no one trusts me, my confidence is nothing.
  3. What challenges do they face each day? Maybe they don’t have energy to be the mom they want to be, no drive to work out, they want to look good this summer but don’t have the time. When I think about the challenges of a potential business partner maybe they have no money to start an opportunity, thinking it costs thousands and thousands of dollars to get started. Maybe they think they don’t have enough time (for me, busier the better) or no experience. We need to know these so we can help them overcome their challenges.
  4. What are their biggest desires or goals? They desire to have more fun. They desire to have more patience and energy as a mom and a wife. Those are their desires they desire as a business partner to save money to go on that family vacation they’ve been dreaming about doing but never financially able to.
  5. What information do they already consume? Think of the TV shows they might be watching, what they could be posting on social media, music they may be listening to.
  6. What products or services are they currently buying currently? Maybe they drink coffee because they’re tired or if they’re not they don’t have a taste for coffee they’re consuming things that have caffeine and sugar and calories. They could be consuming foods that are always healthy because they’re on the go go go no energy no drive to eat healthy no nothing. They’re also probably eating out fast food too much because again they have no time to have a family they have these things going on and they have a job and oh my gosh I have no time. As far as products for the perfect business partner they may be consuming ideas or thoughts, watching some people that inspire them. They may be consuming audiobooks or podcasts but they haven’t they haven’t gotten to the point where they have confidence or support team to make it happen.
  7. What solutions would make their lives better? Their solution is hopefully your product! But, let’s think what solutions could be parallel to what you offer. Maybe you promote a health and wellness product so another solution your ideal customer might want is a home exercise program, meal plans free meal plans for families or water intake encouragement. As far as a business partner my solution would be the opportunity to earn additional income. But let’s also think bigger – they want to be part of something, gain more confidence, surrounded by a supportive community – we can give them all of that!

Part 2: Who are they?

What is their age?

What is their gender?

What is their marital status?

How many children do they have?

What is their average income?

What is the level of schooling did they completed?

What kind of career do they have?

What kinds of hobbies do they have?

For me it’s a 32 year old female who is married and has two kids with an average household income of about $35,000 to $40,000/year with some college education who has an office job or is a slave to their own business. They love sports and being involved in their kids activities.

Now this doesn’t mean someone who is single, 47 and has a masters degree won’t be a perfect fit for the products or business I offer (we have people in our business from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages). This is simply a guide so we can market effectively with a clearly defined message.

Part 3: Who are they?

This is when you want to create a name and face to put this whole story together that we just created.

If you haven’t downloaded the Target Market Worksheet click below!

Go to google images and start searching for your ideal customer and business partner (mine was that 32 year old female with two kids, married, office job) and come up with a name for her, the kids, husband and even any pets they might have!

Then when you have an idea, type something up or sending an e-mail you’ll be marketing to that person, since that’s exactly who you want to attract!

You need to internalize it, feel what they are feeling, give them what they are looking for so they can find you and make their lives better!

Now get out there and crush it, stay consistent and impact the world!

Impacting with Purpose, Natasha Roberson

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