Why You Should Be Making that Follow-up Call

You just banked a great deal and you feel on top of the world. You feel like celebrating. But before you go out to celebrate, sit back down and make that follow-up call. In business class, we have been told again and again about the importance of following up on your customers. But for those of you who didn’t go to business school or didn’t take that class *winks*, let me tell you why you should be making that follow-up call.

Reasons for Making A Follow-up Call:

Builds Customer Loyalty

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. You just bought a food processor. You take it home, plug in but can’t seem to switch it on. You try ten different positions. You read the manual, that you probably don’t understand. While you’re silently cursing the company, you get a call. Turns out, it’s the company wanting to know if you have any problem with the machine. You think, ‘who does that?’ Well, only the companies who care about their customers.

Adds Referrals

Customers get a positive impression of a company that calls them back AFTER the sale. They feel that the company genuinely cares. When someone asks them about a suggestion for a food processor, they are more likely to talk good things about a company that they have a positive impression of. Also, when they go back to buy a dough machine, for example, which company do you think they would prefer?

Cuts down return of product

Many times, people buy a product only to return it back the next day. When asked, they say they tried the product but it didn’t work for them. If before returning, they had been contacted by the company, maybe there would have been no need to return. Call them up. Answer their questions. Troubleshoot the problem together. And while you are at it, ask for a review in the end.

Opens Communication Lines with the Customer

You remember Nokia? The leading cell phone company a few decades back. Now it’s almost finished. The reason? They were unable to understand what their customers wanted. They didn’t see the change coming. When you keep your communication open with customers, you get to know what they want before your competitors. By talking to your customers, you can find out why they like your product? What can you do to make it better? What’s not working?

There are so many ways to make that follow-up call. You don’t have to call all your customers after they make a purchase. Technology has opened up so many avenues for follow-up on customers. If you dread making that call, try:

  • Email: You can even make a standard follow-up email. Just remember to personalize it by adding your customer’s name and the product they just bought.
  • Text Message: Send them a message. Ask them if they liked the product.
  • Phone call:  Pick up the phone and call them!

Last Tip: Make the follow-up interesting. Don’t make the customer feel like you would rather be making another sale than following up on them. Don’t appear superficial. Use your happy voice.

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